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If you’re looking for a rehab program to get the results you need to build a better life, you’ve come to the right place.

two people embrace with a hug after learning more about sanative recovery and its addiction treatment programs and how they can helpSanative Recovery and Wellness is an Atlanta-based addiction treatment center that offers a comprehensive and holistic program to help those struggling with addiction find the healing and support they need. Our mission is to provide care of the highest quality to empower our patients toward a life of sobriety and optimal wellness.

We understand that addiction recovery is more than abstaining from drugs and alcohol. It is about finding emotional and spiritual balance, developing healthy habits for self-care, and learning new skills to manage life’s challenges. To learn more about Sanative Recovery and Wellness and all of the programs and services we offer, reach out to us at 877.899.1502, and we can answer any questions you may have. 

About Sanative Recovery and Wellness

Sanative Recovery and Wellness is about more than just providing treatment. We aim to help our patients build a foundation for long-term success in recovery. Our highly experienced and trained clinical staff specializes in evidence-based treatment programs—all tailored to meet patients’ needs. Our addiction treatment, substance abuse treatment, and addiction therapy programs are developed to help individuals identify underlying issues that may have contributed to their addiction and work through them in a secure, supportive environment.

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Addiction Treatment Programs

Our addiction treatment programs are designed to treat individuals struggling with substance abuse, addiction, and other related mental health issues. Our services include various treatment options, such as intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), and dual diagnosis treatment programs. 

We also offer specialty services to help individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. We provide an atmosphere of care and compassion for our patients to feel comfortable in their healing process.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Our substance abuse treatment programs offer support to people struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our programs focus on both the physical and psychological aspects of recovery while supporting our patients in developing strategies for managing stress and triggers. Understanding and managing addiction can offer patients healing and improved quality of life. Patients learn about relapse prevention strategies, healthy communication skills, assertiveness training, and stress management techniques to help them stay on track with their recovery goals. 

Addiction Therapy Programs

Our addiction therapy programs are designed to help individuals work through the underlying issues that may have contributed to their addiction. Our experienced clinical staff uses evidence-based techniques such as:

At Sanative Recovery and Wellness, we are committed to helping those struggling with addiction find lasting sobriety and wholeness of mind, body, and spirit.

The Team at Sanative Recovery and Wellness

Our team comprises experienced and compassionate clinicians, counselors, and support staff. We are committed to helping individuals with addiction create a positive plan for their recovery. Sanative Recovery and Wellness comprehends that every person’s rehabilitation journey is distinct, and we are committed to supplying personalized treatment plans crafted to fulfill each client’s goals. We offer comprehensive services to help individuals recover and find peace and fulfillment in sobriety.

Discover Addiction Treatment in Georgia at Sanative Recovery and Wellness

If you are looking for an Atlanta addiction treatment center with quality care and support, look no further than Sanative Recovery and Wellness. We accept patients from all over Georgia, so no matter where you live, we can help you get on the path to recovery. Your recovery path doesn’t have to be traveled alone. Let us guide you.

Contact us today for more information about our addiction treatment services in Georgia. We are here to answer any questions about our programs and how we can help you or your loved one find long-term sobriety and wellness. Call us at 877.899.1502 for more information about Sanative Recovery and Wellness and to get help finding a suitable treatment program for you or your loved one.